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Foltec® SG

Changing the way superintendents think about complex foliar nutrition programs with complete soluble granule nutrition, transportation and storage benefits, and easy-to-understand coverage and application rates.

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Different by design

Unlike industry-standard liquid fertilizers consisting of numerous formulations and packaged in cumbersome plastic jugs, Foltec SG is a proprietary combination of dry Soluble Granules (SG) that quickly solubilize in the spray tank. This combination creates a complete nutrition product that reduces the need for a complex tank mix using a wide variety of products.

Each Foltec SG product contains a specific N-P-K ratio along with essential micronutrients, UltraMate® SG sulfonated potassium humate, amino acids, and sea plant extract.

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Why pay for water?

Shipping Foltec SG’s dry, soluble granules saves on transportation costs compared to heavier, liquid products. Foltec SG does not become liquid until it is ready to be used, eliminating freezing concerns. The resealable, foil-lined bags eliminate the need to triple-rinse plastic jugs in preparation for disposal.

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Amino acids

Under stressful conditions, such as excessive heat or drought, it is difficult for turf plants to produce essential amino acid compounds. 

Foliar applications of L-Amino acids translocate through the leaf and help the plant maintain healthy growth during stressful conditions.

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Seaplant extract

Sea plant extracts are derived from the most biologically active sea plant species in the world. They contain a complex array of organic and mineral compounds which include vitamins, sugars, enzymes, and proteins that help promote turf health and improve drought tolerance. 

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Real world performance

Foltec SG has been developed and field-tested to ensure maximum solubility and superb agronomic performance. Replicated testing at Michigan State University and the University of Arkansas confirms excellent performance on varieties of bentgrass and ultradwarf bermudagrass.

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When compared to a leading competitor’s program, treatments that included Foltec SG had superior quality and color. Foltec SG also provided exceptional greening of the turf canopy within a very short time following application. This quick green-up surpassed the performance of the leading competitor.

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High-performance turf nutrition

The combination of Contec DG® - Gen 3 dispersing granules and Foltec® SG soluble granules provides ideal premium nutrition for greens, tees, sports fields, and other fine turf.

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Sprayable fairway nutrition, redefined.

Unbalanced fairway fertility applications can sacrifice root growth for excessive top growth at a time when increased or sustained rooting can help turfgrass survive the stress of summer weather.

Combine Foltec SG Minors with Humic Coated Urea (HCU®) to create an ideal tank mix of nitrogen, humic acid, and minor elements and deliver exceptional performance with strong economics in use.

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