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Horticulture Products

From premium nutrition and control products to carbon-based soil enhancers featuring patented formulations and delivery systems, our products are designed to build stronger roots, boost growth, and move plants more quickly to market.

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Humic DG™

Easy-to-handle, 70% humic acid granules featuring Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology

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DG Pro® Technology

All granule carrier technology is not created equal, and the results can be seen in plant performance.

Featured on our complete line of control products, patented DG Pro Technology creates self-incorporating granules designed to provide consistent coverage and more quickly move active ingredients down to the root zone through mulch or bare-soil applications.

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Got carbon?

The importance of carbon cannot be denied. That’s why we’ve been building it into our product offering for more than 20 years.

As much as 80% of this soil organic material is represented by humic substances. This highly reactive, carbon-rich material is recognized by most soil scientists and agronomists as the most important component of healthy, fertile soil.

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SmartPhos® DG slow-release phosphorus

SmartPhos DG is designed to provide extended feeding of plant-available phosphorus, resulting in superior availability and lower use rates. SmartPhos DG features Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology, which allows for superior coverage and enhanced efficacy.

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OMRI®-Listed organic offerings

We understand our customers’ innate desire to have products that contain effective, natural, and above all, safe ingredients. We believe in growing strong, healthy plants while minimizing our impact on the planet. For those who would prefer a hybrid fertility approach, we also carry products containing both traditional and organic fertilizer sources.

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With a focus on quality, service, and technology, the products we bring to market are designed to make work easier for those who use them. From a broad range of fertilizers, control products, and soil enhancers, to patented products and delivery systems, we’re committed to delivering next-generation solutions with the highest level of quality and customer service in the industry.

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