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SmartPhos® DG

SmartPhos DG is designed to provide season-long feeding of plant-available phosphorus, resulting in superior availability and lower use rates.

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16-3-3 with CarbonCoat™ and Smartphos® DG

Features Poly-Coated Humic Coated Urea (PCHCU™), Humic Coated Ammonium Sulfate (HCAS™), and SmartPhos® DG.

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What's wrong with traditional phosphorus sources?

Phosphorus products are typically categorized one of two ways — as rock phosphates, which deliver low solubility and low availability but are not prone to tie-up in soil, or as soluble phosphorus, which offers solubility and availability but tends to tie-up in soil.

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Next-level phosphorus control

SmartPhos DG is formulated with struvite, an innovative phosphorus source combining the best of both worlds, featuring low water solubility and high plant availability. Delivering phosphorus slowly and steadily over the course of a growing season, struvite is a also prudent option ahead of nutrient blackout periods.

While performing similarly to diammonium phosphate (DAP), struvite fertilizer granules provide many benefits:

  • Low water solubility, allowing for a slow, steady supply of nutrients
  • High plant availability, offering nutrients that can be readily absorbed
  • Low salt index, avoiding the burning of new seedlings
  • Not impacted by soil pH issues

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Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology

Upon contact with water, each granule disperses into thousands of microparticles that quickly move through the turf canopy into the root zone. This enhanced dispersion provides superior coverage and enhanced efficacy. 

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Stable in the soil, SmartPhos DG also prevents the leaching of phosphorus. 

A recent leaching study conducted at The Ohio State University comparing SmartPhos DG and DAP revealed that SmartPhos DG released nutrients 40 times slower than DAP. This balanced, slow-release nutrition is what sets SmartPhos DG apart, making it the perfect phosphorus solution for new seedlings and established turf alike. In fact, SmartPhos DG can be used at half the rate of traditional starter fertilizers while delivering the same results.

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