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Customer Testimonials

Our customers love our products because they are designed to make their work easier. From trusted technologies to unwavering performance, our commitment to quality and innovation is evident around the world. 

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When you think of The Andersons, you think of one thing, and that's the Mercedes Benz of fertilizers. Tees to greens, we trust products like Contec DG, Foltec SG, and HCU from The Andersons for quality and performance we know we can count on.

John Zimmers, Director of Grounds
The Inverness Club
Toledo, OH

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I have found the Nutri DG range does what it is supposed to. It breaks down quickly which has been a problem with other products I've used. I do not get any leaching or run-off as I have had in the past. I would recommend any greenkeeper to try Nutri DG and see the results for themselves.

Ian Meek, Course Manager
Mill Ride Golf & Country Club
Ascot, Berkshire, United Kingdom

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The dispersible granule product is perfect for our situation in a links environment. It breaks down very quickly, no pick up from the mowers and is absorbed into the turf very well. This type of product is perfect for modern-day greenkeeping and I would recommend its use without hesitation.

Robert Patterson, Course Manager
Royal Aberdeen Golf Club (Walker Cup venue 2011)
Aberdeen, Scotland


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The other products we tried just did not do a good job of controlling brown patch. Prophesy DG just does a better job. Period.

Jared McIntosh, Operations Manager
TurfMan, LLC
Cincinnati, Ohio

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The Andersons' Contec DG and DG products are the only granular products we trust on our course. The quality and consistency are second to none, and help us keep our courses in tournament conditions year-round.

Rick Tegtmeier, Director of Grounds
Des Moines Golf and Country Club
Des Moines, IA

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My job is extremely demanding. There is no room for error. That is why I trust The Andersons products, for the results and quality they offer my facilities.

Vicente Alpuente, Head Mainteance
Villarreal C.F.
Castellón, Spain


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There are many products on the market, but Nutri DG is unlike any other. The formulations, technology, and particle sizing is fantastic. The Andersons products perform the way I need them to every time.

Patricia Rull, Head of Maintenance
Stadium Olympic

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With a focus on quality, service, and technology, the products we bring to market are designed to make work easier for those who use them. From a broad range of fertilizers, control products, and soil enhancers, to patented products and delivery systems, we’re committed to delivering next-generation solutions with the highest level of quality and customer service in the industry.

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