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Humic DG™ CharX™

A unique, granular soil amendment harnessing the power of humic acid and biochar in a 50/50 blend. Designed to improve the physical and chemical properties of soil.

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Humic DG™ CharX®

50/50 blend of humic acid and biochar granules

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Next-generation soil health

Combining Humic DG and Biochar DG™, Humic DG CharX provides the benefits of the more quickly-available humic acid and the long-term soil-building qualities of biochar.

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Terra Preta

Having soil high in organic matter has a wide range of benefits for a turfgrass manager. Soil organic matter provides nutrient holding capacity, water holding capacity, and stable aggregates to the soil. Some of the most fertile soils in the world are located in the Amazon region. In this region, these fertile soils, known as ‘Terra Preta’, were created by Amazonian inhabitants via the addition of a variety of organic soil amendments including biochar.

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Why biochar?

Biochar is the result of burning wood byproducts (feedstock) at high temperatures with little to no oxygen present. The resulting byproducts (biochar) are high in carbon and provide excellent physical structures for microbial development. Biochar works to build soil profiles, lasting for hundreds of years. Biochar also contains karrikins, a family of bioactive compounds that stimulate roots to boost new seedlings.

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What's wrong with traditional biochar products?

For peak effectiveness, biochar needs to migrate through the turf and down into the root system. This can be tricky with many products, which bring application difficulties and poor efficacy. 

While crumbled or micronized biochar products move well through the turf canopy, they do present challenges in allowing the product to properly flow through a standard broadcast spreader. Other biochar products contain larger chunks, which causes the product to remain in the thatch layer on top of the soil for long periods of time.

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Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology

Humic DG CharX features DG Technology, which allows each spherical, low-dust granule to disperse into smaller microparticles when watered. This helps both the humic acid and biochar to move quickly through the turf canopy and down to the root zone, where they can begin to go to work.

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