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High-Performance Greens Nutrition

Contec DG’s patented granular delivery system has been providing uncompromised performance and reliability for years. Pair with Foltec SG’s soluble granules to deliver the ideal, season-long nutrition program for your greens.

Gen 3 represents the latest evolution of the Contec DG product range. Featured on select products, these patented granules are easy to spread and easy to see, saving turf managers both time and money.

These granules are completely homogeneous, allowing for a consistent spread pattern. The granules also stand out against turf, making it easy to see where product has been applied, decreasing the possibility of over-application.

Gen 3 products utilize the same patented Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology featured on all Contec DG products. When DG granules come in contact with water, they immediately begin to disperse and move through the root zone, allowing for a firmer, residue-free playing surface and less down time.


Gen 3 technology is featured on select Contec DG greens and fairway products. The products below represent the current Contec DG – Gen 3 offering.

Contec DG 6-0-12 (SGN 75)

Contec DG 12-3-12 (SGN 75)

Contec DG 17-0-17 (SGN 75)

Contec DG 18-9-18 (SGN 75)

Contec DG 28-0-6 (SGN 75)

Foltec SG is an innovative foliar nutrient technology utilizing a proprietary combination of dry, 100% soluble nutrient granules that quickly solubilize in the spray tank. Designed to be different, Foltec SG is changing the way turf managers think about complex foliar nutrition programs.

Each Foltec SG product contains a specific N-P-K ratio along with essential micronutrients, UltraMate SG (humate/carbon) and sea plant extract. Packaged in resealable foil-lined bags with easy-open tear strips to save time and effort, Foltec SG truly allows you to spray smarter.

Foltec SG Product Range

Foltec SG is formulated in four of the most widely used agronomic N-P-K ratios: High N (24-0-8), High P (8-24-8), High K (8-0-24), and High N and K (16-0-16), along with a minors package. These formulas can be easily combined to create your preferred N-P-K ratio.

Application and Coverage

Foltec SG can be introduced into the spray tank through an inductor, or by removing the basket strainer and pouring Foltec SG directly into the spray tank, with adequate water and agitation. Foltec SG solubilizes quickly and thoroughly with typical agitation. Foltec SG products have also been shown to be compatible with many commonly used control products.

Foltec SG is packaged based on application rate and coverage. A single 13.6-lb. bag of the 24-0-8, 8-0-24, 8-24-8, and 16-0-16 products will cover one acre at the typical application rate, while a single 2.25-lb. bag of the Minors product will cover one acre at the typical application rate.

Foltec SG 24-0-8
3 x 13.6-lb bags/case

Foltec SG 8-0-24
3 x 13.6-lb bags/case

Foltec SG 8-24-8
3 x 13.6-lb bags/case

Foltec SG 16-0-16
3 x 13.6-lb bags/case

Foltec SG Minors

10 x 2.25-lb bags/case

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About the Author

Ben Pease, PhD

Ben Pease is the Agronomist for The Andersons Turf & Specialty business, responsible for research, service, and technical support. Ben received both his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Wisconsin, and earned his doctorate degree from Iowa State University. Ben has also served as the Assistant Superintendent for Cherokee Country Club (Madison, WI) and Whistling Straits Golf Courses (Sheboygan, WI). 

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High-Performance Green Nutrition Programs

Built for both cool- and warm-season turf, these programs provide detailed application schedules and a nitrogen release visual over the course of the growing season. 

Complete the form to receive a program download link. Please note: these programs are available for U.S. customers only.

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