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Nursery Choice™ 12-6-6


Available in USA


100% MUtech

  • "All purpose" fertilizer product designed for landscape, field grown nursery stock, and container grown plants 
  • 2-3 month feeding period (80°F), 3-5 month below 80°F
  • Contains iron and other nutrients for enhanced turf greening and stress tolerance


Category Fertilizers
Markets Horticulture
Application / Areas of Use Nursery
Technologies --
States Registered
Registration Number
Density (lbs/ft3) 64.2
Package Wt. 50 lbs
Bag/Pallet 40
SGN Size Standard
Type Granular
Nitrogen Source Methylene Ureas
Slow-Release N (%) 100
Active Ingredient --
product bag
Packaging may differ and is subject to change.
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