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Foltec® LQ Ultra SeaThru with Fulvic Acid


Available in USA


Foltec LQ Ultra SeaThru with Fulvic Acid

  • A premium foliar-feeding product
  • Designed with the highest-quality ingredients for use on premium turfgrass such as golf courses and sports turf
  • SeaThru clear kelp extract delivers a highly-soluble formulation without the unwelcome smells
  • Provides naturally-derived fulvic acid
  • Built to boost turfgrass pre-stress conditioning, increase efficiency of plant metabolic processes, enhance nutrient absorption, and improve root growth
  • Readily absorbed by leaves and roots
  • Can also be used on trees and ornamentals
  • Fully soluble and free-flowing; will not clog nozzles/filters


Category Humic Products
Markets Golf, Sports Fields, Lawn & Landscape, Horticulture
Application / Areas of Use Golf Courses, Sports Fields, Commercial Lawns, Residential Lawns
Technologies --
States Registered
Registration Number
Density (lbs/ft3) 8.4
Package Wt. 18.9 lbs
Bag/Pallet --
SGN Size --
Type Liquid
Slow-Release N (%) 0
product bag
Packaging may differ and is subject to change.
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